Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of Great Britain

website of the Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of Great Britiain

Officers and Committee

Patron: Val Thompson    President: Amanda McLaren


Mr Paul Lloyd, 2 Gospel Ash Road, Bobbington, West Midlands.  DY7 5EF

Tel: 01384 221612 Mobile:  07779 384708

Email:  [email protected]
 Vice Chairman
 Hon. Secretary
 Dr. Margaret Pratten, Concord, 145, Belper Road, Stanley Common, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 6FT

Tel: 0115 944 7145   Mobile: 07966 219211

Email: [email protected]
 Hon Treasurer

Ms. Bernadette King, York House, 73 Heage Road, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3GE

Tel: 07866 490410

Email: [email protected]
 Membership Secretary

Dr. Pete Cumberland, York House, 73, Heage Road, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3GE

Tel:  07966 219212

For information about joining the BSDA of GB, or if you have any membership problems.  Membership forms are available on the website to download.

Email:  [email protected]
Committee Members
Steve Bennett, Mary Grove, Steve Rowe, Valerie Oatley, Pam Jameson-Nicholls, Mrs Dyllis Knight, Maureen Lock, Helen Bull, Elainne Willson
 Rescue Coordinator
Mrs Pamela Jameson-Nicholls  Tel 01527 545552 Email [email protected]
 Health Registrar
Miss Mary Grove   Email   [email protected]
Tel 01568 797984 / 07790 700986
Breed Correspondents
Our Dogs
GROENENDAEL     Elainne Wilson

Tel   01594 780107 & 07850 877388 & 07944 031680

Email [email protected]

TERVUEREN   Jill Kelly

Tel 01624 663993   Email [email protected]

MALINOIS     Marianne Brett 

Tel 01427 848348

Email  [email protected]

LAEKENOIS Tracey Gray   Tel 07742770398