Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of Great Britain

website of the Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of Great Britiain

Officers and Committee

Patron: Val Thompson    President: Amanda McLaren


Dyllis Knight

Tel: 01384 221612 Mobile:  07779 384708

44 Prescott Avenue, Banbury, Oxon DX16 0RQ

Tel: 01295 279549


 Vice Chairman

Babs Robinson

20 Western Avenue, Thorpe, Surrey, TW20 8QB

Tel: 01932 560066


 Hon. Secretary
 Dr. Margaret Pratten, Concord, 145, Belper Road, Stanley Common, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 6FT

Tel: 0115 944 7145   Mobile: 07966 219211

 Hon Treasurer

Ms. Bernadette King, York House, 73 Heage Road, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3GE

Tel: 07866 490410

 Membership Secretary

Dr. Pete Cumberland, York House, 73, Heage Road, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3GE

Tel:  07966 219212

For information about joining the BSDA of GB, or if you have any membership problems.  Membership forms are available on the website to download.

Committee Members

Mary Grove, Steve Rowe, Maureen Lock, Pam Jameson-Nicholls, Helen Wetherell, Jan Ralph, Kimberley Buckley, Steve Bennett.

 Rescue Coordinator
Mrs Pamela Jameson-Nicholls  Tel 01527 545552 Email
 Health Registrar
Miss Mary Grove   Email
Tel 01568 797984 / 07790 700986
Breed Correspondents
Our Dogs
GROENENDAEL     Elainne Wilson

Tel   01594 780107 & 07850 877388 & 07944 031680


TERVUEREN   Jill Kelly

Tel 01624 663993   Email

MALINOIS     Marianne Brett 

Tel 01427 848348


LAEKENOIS Tracey Gray   Tel 07742770398 
Breed Education Coordinator