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Judging Lists and Information

Judging Lists Update

The BSDA of GB will be revising its judges lists in the near future. Could people wishing to be included in a judging list or wanting to update us, please send their updates to Margy Pratten at as soon as possible, using this form judges_questionnaire (1).pdf. In particular, we need to hear from people on the C, B and B* lists, with numbers of dogs and shows judged, exams passed etc.

If you click on the links below the list will download to your computer. 

To be placed on the C List, a person must have owned and actively participated in showing (including regular handling) of Belgian Shepherd Dogs for five years. All applicants must have attended a Belgian Shepherd Dog Club judging seminar and be aged 16 years or over.

To be placed on the B list applicants should have judged for three years after being on the C list, judged a minimum of 3 shows and 30 dogs.

To advance from the B list to the B* list applicants should have judged for three years since their inclusion on the B list, judged at 10 shows and a 100 dogs in total. Applicants must have attended and passed the written judges examination at a BSD breed club judging seminar.

To be placed on the A3 list applicants should have judged for five years and judged 150 dogs. 

Applicants must have stewarded on at least 12 occasions; have owned or bred at least three dogs at the time they first gained their Stud Book Number; have attended a seminar given by a Kennel Club accredited trainer; passed the relevant examination on Kennel Club Regulations and Judging Procedures; have attended a seminar by a Kennel Club accredited trainer on conformation and movement; have attended at least one breed specific seminar run in accordance with the relevant Kennel Club Code Of Best Practice and passed an examination and/or assessment where applicable.

Judges on the A1 list have been approved by the BSDA of GB and have been previously approved by the Kennel Club to award Challenge Certificates to our breed at championship shows.

Note: The Kennel Club have recently revised their criteria regarding the necessary number of classes and number of dogs to be judged to proceed through the judging lists.  

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