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You want to buy a Belgian Shepherd Dog puppy?
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First, some advice for prospective puppy buyers


There are so many things to watch out for when buying a new puppy, to begin with, where will you start your search? For many people the first thing is to refer to Google. In fact, your first point of reference really should be either the Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of Great Britain (or the Northern Belgian Shepherd Dog Club) or visit the Kennel Club for information on new litters,


Talk to as many reputable people within the breed as you possibly can. The Secretary, Margy Pratten, is always happy to give information and advice (01159 447145). Belgian Shepherds are not everyone's cup of tea! Remember there are 4 varieties to choose from - Groenendael (black, long-haired), Laekenois (wire haired and very rare!!), Malinois (short haired, shades of red or grey with black mask) and Tervueren (long-haired, shades of red or grey with black mask), and each have their own slightly different characteristics. Relatively few are bred each year, so you may need to wait for the variety and type you want.


You need to ask in detail about how the pups are bred and just as importantly, how they have been reared. Normally it will be possible to visit the puppies from when they are 4-5 weeks old, although they should never leave their mother and litter mates until they are 8 weeks old.


Always expect to see the mother with the pups. You probably won't be able to see the father as well because many people go to other kennels, sometimes to other countries in Europe, to find the best stud dog for their bitches.


Your puppy should always be from a Kennel Club registered litter. When you collect your puppy, the breeder may not have yet have received the Kennel Club registration document, but this should be forwarded to you as soon as it is received from the Kennel Club. Also make sure you are given a pedigree of at least three generations. The breeder should give you the microchip registration document which will show the microchip number and a transfer PIN. These details will enable you to transfer the puppy to your own name and address.


It depends what age your puppy is (normally from 8 weeks onwards) when you collect it whether or not it will have been vaccinated. If it has been vaccinated, always ensure that you have a vaccination card with details of the injections your puppy has received (normally the 1st injection is at 8 weeks). The breeder will also give you details of worming treatments - your puppy should have been regularly wormed - and should tell you which worming medication has been used and when the next dose is due.


Always expect to be given a free four or five week puppy insurance document, all breeders are able to offer this and it gives invaluable cover should anything go wrong in those very early days.


Always expect to receive full details of the rearing of your puppy, a diet sheet, information on training etc.


Always expect there to be some sort of contract concerning the puppy, any endorsements on the registration and the expectations of breeder and new owner.


The litters listed below are bred by breeders who have been members of the Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of Great Britain for at least 5 years and have a Kennel Club registered affix.


Corsini Belgian Shepherds

Sire: High Clearing's Maestro - Dam: Corsini Balenciaga

location Staines, Middlesex    tel: 01784 458969


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